About me

My name is Pim Hardijzer. I am 49 years old and married for 11 years to Ron my biggest support in everything. My MS story started in the summer of 2009. All of a sudden I started having troubles with my legs. They felt so heavy and I had the feeling I could fall through them at any moment. Also, the feeling in them was off. While standing on the bathroom floor one foot felt like the floor was cold while the other one felt like it was warm, a really strange sensation. At the Sint Lucas Andreas hospital in Amsterdam, I went through the a lot of tests. Lumbar puncture, MRI scans from my back and brain, blood work and so on. After about a month the conclusion was…….


Why this webpage?

The foundation Pim against MS and this web page are set up to solicit donations so I can undergo a groundbreaking HSCT treatment in Israël. The goal is stopping my progressive MS by resetting my immune system. for the treatment and travel- and accommodation costs a total amount of 125,000 euros is needed. The HSCT treatment is given in the Netherlands and reimbursed for certain types of cancer but not for MS. In England, for example, this is the case for a large group of MS patients and is also reimbursed by the National Health Service (NHS). Because my MS is very progressive, I have no more time to wait for another few years until I could possibly be treated in the Netherlands. I hope you will support me and like to donate an amount to allow for my treatment. Thank you!

Donations until now
13,155/125,000 Euro